Program About The eMadrid Network in Radio 3

Last January 18th, the UNED reserved spot in Radio 3 of Spain National Radio included a chapter dedicated to make a presentation of the eMadrid Network. The program had a debate format and it was moderated by Miguel Rodríguez Artacho, UNED responsible at eMadid. Other participants were Carlos Delgado Kloos, the project coordinator, Jesús M.González-Barahona, URJC responsible at eMadrid, and Ivan Martínez Ortiz, a member of the UCM group at eMadrid.

During the program a presentation of the running and activities of the project is made. In addition to this, the participants carry out a brief review of the different trends on the application of TIC to the educational process. So they introduce and explain concepts like P2P Education, Flipping the classroom or augmented reality, among others.


The program can also be listened at the RTVE website.

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