What will Be the future of educational technology?

The Department of Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering of the UNED, which is a participant in the eMadrid Network, keeps on analyzing this year which will be the technologies that the educational community consider most important for the nearer future. Many and very interesting answers were got last year at an international level. On the whole, more than 2,600 votes around the World; this has encouraged the department to make a Web 2.0 analysis.



Therefore, personal from this department have created a platform where anyone can analyze the results in real time filtering by technology, discipline, region or year. The results are very useful to help them to improve the way of teaching as well as to find new research areas to invest their efforts.

You will find a brief survey in the web, where you must vote for the 3 technologies more important for the nearer future in your field. It can also be estimated when these technologies are actually going to run as well as the main challenges involved in its implementation.

You can vote and check the results of the last year and the current one in this website:


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