Six New Games in The e-Adventure Repository

The e-Adventure game repository has been updated with six new titles now available for the community in the public repository.

On the one hand, there are four new games developed in collaboration with CATEDU. Three of them are part of a development line of situational games for English teaching previously started by this organization. In addition, they also created a first aid game in collaboration with two expert trainers from the Emergency Department at the Hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza. This is the description of the games:

  • Finding a Job: In this game you will follow the steps to find work. You'll have to write your resume, review it fixing possible errors and, depending on how you have done these tasks, you will go to an interview in one of three available jobs. What will you get?
  • Errands: Your mother entrust you a number of errands to run during the day. She prepared a treasure hunt to accomplish them in a funny way. Will you achieve all of them?
  • Eating Out: A couple of friends decide going out to have dinner. Help them to select the best choice through various mini-games making decisions about the kind of restaurant, the specific place to go after reading several newspaper clippings or the best dishes in the menu. At the end you also will be able to help preparing a dish!
  • First Aid: This game was developed with the aim of training on the first aid procedures to follow in three situations: Choking, chest pain and unconsciousness. Knowing how to act in these situations can save lives. The game has several branches and it does not always present the same situations, for example, you can have a defibrillator or not, thus the procedures will be different. You can play the game several times and try to get the maximum score in all situations.

In addition, colleagues of the LibreSoft research group, School of Telecommunications Engineering at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid have also contributed two more games:

  • Getting to know URJC Fuenlabrada Campus: This adventure game was designed to provide a virtual tour around of the Fuenlabrada Campus (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), in particular for Telecommunication engineering students.
  • Open-Source Software Game: The main aim of this game is showing the basic principles of open-source software. With the guest starring of some of the most known people in this movement, you will learn about the important issues of open-source community that goes beyond information technology.

We would like to thank both organizations for sharing these games with the e-Adventure community.

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