The perfect learning storm. Are we there yet?


As a technologist and researcher in technology enhanced learning for more than ten years, I must admit that the confluence of factors that are appearing lately in the area make me think that we are at the verge of tasting a mouthful of disruptive innovation. The perception is not only mine, granted, but the analogies used to describe what is happening are really reveling. In The Campus Tsunami, David Brooks quoted John Henessy the president of Stanford University saying that there is a tsunami coming. A bit of an exaggeration (specially after viewing the countless videos of the Japan disaster in youtube) but nonetheless reveling of the perceptions at the governing ranks of the leading institutions.

There are initiatives brewing in numerous learning related areas that, maybe in isolation they would be just another glitch in the "innovation" seismograph, but when considered all together, it might be the thrust experienced by a rocket when leaving the atmosphere and finally entering into Learning 2.0 space.

What are some of these areas? With no intent to provide here an exhaustive account of all them a brief description of the most relevant follows.

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