eAdventure 1.5 Is Released

The eAdventure 1.5 platform was released last July 26, and this tool is already available to be downloaded. The new version of this tool for developing educational games offers new functionalities that, according to the words of its creators, add power to the tool, and error corrections and usability improvements as well. The purpose of these changes is to improve the game and authorship experience. eAdventure has been developed by the UCM group in The eMadrid Network.

These are some of the innovations put forward by the authors of eAdventure:

  • New appearance, based on the new brand identity
  • Improvements in the game accessibility, specially for people with visual disabilities
  • Available in two new languages: Galician and Chinese
  • It facilitates the learning and use of e-Learning standards
  • It improves the user interfaces
  • It facilitates the authoring experience through the improve of the windows management in systems that have more than one screen (specially in Linux environments).

Click here to access a more detailed list of these changes.

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