A Recapitulation of the eMadrid Network

Three years have passed since the eMadrid Project began, in early 2010. We take this anniversary to review some numbers and data of the work made to date by this research network, coordinated from the UC3M and with UCM, UAM, UPM, URJC and UNED as partners.


  • Currently the project includes 138 researchers spread across the six project partners.
  • Research results: 221 articles published.
  • The eMadrid network has also promoted a special issue of the journal IEEE-RITA. There is also a Horizon Report for technical education driven by eMadrid partners.
  • In the events section, the network has organized a total of 23 eMadrid seminars of one afternoon of duration to date and 3 workshops of two days duration. In addition to this, eMadrid has participated in the co-organization of the First European Summit of the Immersive Education Initiative, in collaboration with the UC3M, and in two technical seminars with the Spanish Chapter of the IEEE. Furthermore, representatives of the eMadrid Network have participated in international events like the editions of 2010, 2011 and 2012 of the EC-TEL and the EDUCON.
  • Two editions of the awards eMadrid have already been called.


Both eMadrid events as any of the other activities undertaken by members of the project have been documented in several ways, thus presentations slides as photos and videos. Here are some numbers:

  • Number of slides and visits: 139 presentation slides, with 66,292 views and 569 downloads.
  • Number of photos, albums and views: 533 images in 33 photo albums that have had 5,423 visits.
  • Number of videos and visits: 155 videos that have had 4,874 views.


  • The emadridnet.org web traffic during the first three years of the project was as follows: 60,666 visits, 125,864 page views. The busiest day was the first one of the III eMadrid Workshop (June 18th, 2012), with 947 visits and 1,399 page views.
  • On the occasion of announcing each of the events organized by eMadrid, we publish a newsletter, which has a total of 16 editions to date and whose next number will reach a total of 598 email addresses.
  • With regard to the impact of the project in the media, eMadrid members have appeared in several audiovisual programs, such as Tres14, El mundo se mueve contigo or the UNED program in La 2, all of them included in the RTVE schedule. These appearances include Radio 3 and the Cadena Ser radio Channels. Furthermore, as part of the preparation work of the II and III eMadrid Workshop we made a media outreach work that led to 55 appearances in press and internet.

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