Carlos Delgado Kloos, coordinator of the eMadrid research network, was Keynote Speaker of the SIIE 2014 conference

Full Professor Carlos Delgado Kloos, coordinator of the eMadrid network, participated in the International Symposium of Educational Computing (SIIE 2014) as Keynote Speaker. The SIEE conference presents research results about Educational Technology and the conference was in its 16th edition this year 2014, taking place in Logroño, Spain, organized by Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR). You can find more information about the conference at:

The Keynote of Carlos Delgado Kloos was entitled “Looking for the Magic Formula in Education” and included reflections about why MOOCs are the beginning of a deep change in Education and an analysis of how the educational technologies are opportunities for this change. He also participated in the closing panel session of the conference.

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