Telspain conference on "eLearning 2020: companies and universities" (2015-12-14)

Telspain, the network of professionals of e-learning in Spain, celebrates the third edition of the Telspain Conference with the tittle: "eLearning 2020: companies and universities" next 14 of December in Barcelona. This is a unique oportunity to know, from renowned experts, the tendencies in worldwide institutions of e-learning and analyze the trends that pave the way for e-learning future. Members of the eMadrid Network (UC3M) will participate in the conference.

The Telspain Conference about "eLearning 2020: companies and universities" is based on a plenary session followed by three simultanous workshops. At the end, there will share the conclusions of the conference. In the current edition, the topics of the workshops are:

  • Big Data - Learning Analytics
  • The future of eLearning platforms (in English)
  • Sinergies business - university

More information on the Telspain conference.

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