Talk on standardization of online laboratories for education

In the last years we have witnessed the increasing use of remote laboratories in education, encompassed by the development of technology enhanced learning from k-12 to higher education. In this context there is a need, on one hand to define and establish a common consensus on the structure and operation of remote laboratories (RL) from learning technologies perspective as open educational resources (OER) independent from LMSs. On the other hand, cloud computing and the concept of XaaS makes meaningful to consider laboratories as another lego piece of an educational resource in the cloud with a focus on potential standardardized information models and protocols as a common basis for instructional interoperability based on search, retrieval, labeling and services for educational purposes.

On November 19, Miguel R. Artacho, UNED professor and member of the eMadrid network, presented a work in progress on the standardization of online laboratories for education at the University of Quebec (Montreal, Canada), where, funded by eMadrid project, he has been a visiting researcher the last semester.

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