50th birthday of Logo

Rey Juan Carlos University organized last June 23 at the Real Colegio Complutense of Hardvard a workshop about Computational Thinking in tribute to the 50 years of the Logo programming language. During this workshop, researchers and educators from Europe, America and Africa, gave their views on the current use of Computational Thinking in school. These speakers were:



  • Cynthia Solomon, who is a member of the original group of Logo, started the workshop talking about its beginnings in 1966.
  • Richard Millwood (Trinity College of Dublin) gave an overview of the history of the computational thinking.
  • Gregorio Robles (URJC) talked about the advantages of using an analyzer of Scratch projects in school.
  • Gilly Puttic (TERC) talked about her experience raising awareness on climate change with game desing on Scratch.
  • Jackie Barnes (Northeastern University) explained how her students improved their computational thinking through game design.
  • Yetunde Folajimi (Ibadan University, Nigeria) talked about GEGCOC project, a weeklong camp which aims to promote technology among girls in Nigeria.


Photos and video

Workshop on Computational Thinking in Education

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