Code Week 2016

The European Week of Programming (CodeWeek) is celebrated this year from October 15-23 . The aim of this initiative is to promote computational thinking and digital skills among children of all educational levels. To this end, people from all over the world organize events and workshops in which it will be possible to enter the world of programming in a fun and exciting.

During the last edition, a total of 48 countries participated and were coordinated by 89 ambassadors. There were 7594 events and a total of almost 600,000 people attended.

Why learn to code?

Our way of working, communicating, shopping and even our way of thinking have changed drastically in the last decade. In fact, our whole world is in a process of transformation that is due to the technological revolution in which we are immersed and that will be even greater in the coming years. In this situation, learning to program and develop computational thinking gives us the skills necessary to understand the way the digital world works, and allows us to explore new ideas and construct new solutions for both work and leisure. More importantly, learning this new universal language develops our creativity, gives us new forms of communication, and gives us the opportunity to work in teams with wonderful people from all over the world.

How to participate?

  • Attending an event: search for an event near your city here.
  • Organize an event: programming workshop, motivational talk, ... More ideas in the Programamos website.
  • Register your event in CodeWeek.

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