«"actúaupm": supporting entrepreneurship at college»




Elisa Navarro Carrillo


«actúaupm» is the Entrepreneurship Programme of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and is integrated within the Technological Innovation Support Centre (CAIT-UPM). It most important activity is a competition to create companies called «Competición actúaupm» that runs its 15th edition this year and wins participation, involving more than 1.000 people each year. The Programme has supported the creation of 237 new technology companies with high growth potential. They have attracted mainly private finance over more than 54 million euros since 2007. Annually, they work with more than 450 business ideas and support the creation of 20 new startups. These figures have placed «actúaupm» at the top of university entrepreneurship in Spain. During his speech, Elisa will offer a global perspective on how the spirit and entrepreneurial abilities of the entire community (not only students, also professors and researchers) are currently being promoted in college, and will expose next steps to be taken in UPM to become a 100% entrepreneurial institution.   



Author’s biography

Elisa Navarro Carrillo 

Entrepreneurship Programme Coordinator in «actúaupm», at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), leading initiative of college entrepreneurship in Spain, within UPM's CAIT Technological Innovation Support Center. Graduated in Business Administration and Management at Universidad de Valencia, and also in Market Research Techniques at the same university. She has complementary training in areas such as intellectual and industrial property, negotiation and marketing. With more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer to the market, Elisa regularly participates as speaker in business management training programmes for entrepreneurs, employment forums and events related to this field. She also works preparing studies and reports on business topics.


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