«Spaces as educational tools»




Javier González-Patiño 


The intersection between professional and academic trajectory guides the research interests of Javier González Patiño, who tends to be involved in participatory research-action projects in different socio-cultural contexts. Projects that allow the promotion and analysis of technological mediation in educational and communication processes through a transdisciplinary perspective. He has published extensively about family and school relations, digital culture and children's active participation in design processes. With Mediática he elaborates projects with communities or collectives (educational centres, research groups, companies, institutions...), to promote innovation in their learning or knowledge creation practices, that allow them to explore and take advantage of the characteristics and dynamics of the social web as a connected public space.



Author’s biography

Javier González-Patiño


Professor at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) with extensive experience as a digital creative, and Mediatica's founder, a research group that gives advice of digital transformation to learning communities. He regularly collaborates in Medialab-Prado Madrid, an internationally prestigious space of the Madrid City Council dedicated to digital culture, and he is also part of the UAM School of Educational Architecture's commission, that participates in open innovation activities and dissemination and transfer of scientific knowledge. PhD in Education Sciences (2006). Professor of the Department of Specific Didactics (Area of Didactics of Experimental Sciences) at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Secretary of his department (2011-2014) and vice-dean of Academic Ordination and Development of the degrees of his centre (2014-2017). 


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