«From training in digital competence to the experience in the classroom and "cervanbot"»




Antonio Ruiz


The presentation reflects the personal experiences of the speaker in training in digital competence, and its influence on the activities carried out within the classroom in Primary Education, especially with the subjects of Programming and Robotics. It will also refer to the celebration of the techno-robotic days #cervanbot organized in the CEIP of Leganés «Miguel de Cervantes».



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Author's biography

Antonio Ángel Ruiz Molino

Antonio Ruiz is a teacher and ICT coordinator at «Miguel de Cervantes» School of Early Childhood and Primary Education (CEIP), in the village of Leganés, Madrid. This educator is also part of the MAX group (MAdrid_linuX), an operating system created by and for teachers that incorporates in its installation the most common and other specific applications for teachers and students. Ruiz has been collaborating for several years in various educational projects, such as the one coordinated since 2014 in this school, #cervanbot.


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