«Digital teacher competence: common framework and portfolio»




María Jesús García San Martín


Talk about the portfolio of the "Digital Teaching Competence" and a brief evolution of the work carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) in this specific competence since 2012 to nowadays.



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Author's biography

María Jesús San Martín

Head of the Network Training, Experimentation and Social Networks area of INTEF, Master Professor at the URJC, she has been a teacher trainer at the CLM virtual center, coordinator of the MALTED project and the «Web Edition with Dreamweaver» course from Aula Mentor. She is the host of podcasts in the network of Good Practices 2.0, manager of the blog of ICT in Foreign Languages, coadministradora of internet in the classroom and collaborator in the WikiDidACTIca and in Add, also writes in the blog «Stop and Learn English», top of gold in the VI Spiral Edublogs 2012 Prize and Best ICT Initiative in Languages 2012 according to Education 3.0. Teacher of the month (May) in 2012 at IneveryCrea, for a few months she was behind the EducaconTIC podcasts and also writing at the MOOC Observatory of UniMOOC. 


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