Responsive platforms as an adaptive pedagogical tool




Eva Iglesias


The great development of the Responsive platforms makes us have even more powerful tools since the student can be formed at any time, place, etc. Simply with access to an LMS platform on any smartphone, tablet, pc, etc. device. These multi-device platforms give even more play when adapting the pedagogical contents of any training course and any academic, university, secondary, child, etc.

It is a great advantage to have these platforms that allow us to design, for example video games applied to any sector, such as a video game that simulates the conditions that must be met when safely evacuating an office building in The one that presents an alarm by fire. It is only an example of how anyone who develops this course will be able to play and test the different alternatives, always from the point of view of focusing on oneself, what would do in that situation, and prevent accidents due to that fire. It is undoubtedly an interesting way of approaching technical, normative and theoretical knowledge, in a much more attractive way, and with excellent academic and applied results.





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Eva Iglesias

Coordinator of the Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention Area of ​​Bureau Veritas Centro Universitario. Coordinator and Professor of the Official Master's Degree in Management of Prevention, Environment, Excellence and Corporate Responsibility with the UCJC. Director of the Master in Integrated Management Systems - HSEQ (Healthy Safety Environmental and Quality). Professor in the Master's Degree in Sustainable Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency, Climate Change and Sustainability. Professor in the areas of PRL, Environment, Corporate Responsibility and eLearning. Degree in Biology, Environmental Specialty. Superior Technician in Occupational Hazard Prevention (Master 3 specialties). Official Master's Degree in Corporate Responsibility. It also has the Master in Climate Risks and Environmental Impact in the State Meteorological Agency (Ministry of Environment). Chief Auditor in Environmental Management Systems by IEMA, and Chief Auditor IRCA in Quality Management Systems by Bureau Veritas. Associate Professor of Public Universities such as the University of Zaragoza in the Master's Degree in Human Resources 2016-2017, in the subject of Teletraining platforms applied to HR, and Private Universities in GIS and PRL, such as UNIR and Nebrija. Participation in PRL and Environment Congresses since 2008.

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