Open Linked Data and Learning: Semantic Technology Accelerator




Ricardo Alonso Maturana (GNOSS)


Identify, characterize and explain examples of an approach of education that it´s thinking for improving education, enrich and accelerate learning for students using the possibilities of the tools of web 3.0 (social networking for learning, working and semantic technologies). This is not the traditional e-learning system, which too often has become an educational system to do the same thing in the classroom by other ways.

It´s relative to analyze the advantages of structuring and "semantization" of the data under the paradigm linked-data-web to manage web content with providing educational sense, contributing to useful recommendation systems, faceted-search and appropriate contexts for the information. In short, link data to data regarding the interests of the people. GNOSS and Didactalia are two nodes that take part of the Linked Open Data Web. Example: - Universidad 2.0.


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Author's Biography

Ricardo Alonso Maturana

Ricardo A. Maturana is founder and CEO of, The first social networking space that runs on linkable semantic web technologies and standards that enable automatic data connection. He has a degree in philosophy from the University of Deusto and a PhD in Sociology from the UNED. He has worked and researched on educational systems, educational models and social innovations arising from the installation of the information society.

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