Teaching First Aid with Videogames: An Experience in Aragon's High Schools




Gaspar Ferrer (CATEDU)


Learning basic techniques and behaviors in cases of respiratory and cardiac injuries contributes to an appropriate response at that time and increases the survival of the injured persons. A learning process that incorporates practical exercises with real models medical mannequins is not always easy or possible, but it’s easier to get that using a video game. Our experience in High Schools shows that students learn how to respond to this situation by playing video games (the one developed with e-Adventure is available for free at the CATEDU's website.




Author's Biography

Gaspar Ferrer

Diploma in Teaching in Zaragoza, Gaspar Ferrer has been working in rural schools of Teruel for twenty five years. He has participatec in the Atenea Project since its inception. Master in Computer Education. Released to conduct research on "The ATENEA Project Influence in Aragon’s Non Obligatory Education" during 97/98 Academic Year. He is Technologies Advisory at the Teachers’ Center of Andorra (Teruel) and Founder and Director of the Aragon Educational Technology Center of the Education, University, Culture and Sport Department at the Government of Aragón.

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