Certification for the Processing of Infectious Agents: An Experience-based in Online Games at The Massachusetts General Hospital




Pablo Moreno Ger (UCM)


Members of the Massachusetts General Hospital working in the processing and mailing of infectious agents must obtain and renew every two years a certification of their knowledge about the preparation of submissions. This course, traditionally taught in person, includes theoretical presentations and practical demonstrations. The hospital, in collaboration with the eUCM Group of The Complutense University of Madrid, has developed a new online certification course, in which demonstrations are replaced by a simulation using game elements developed with e-Adventure. The simulation is proposed as a practical test, and it is required to overcome the game to get the certification. This talk will present an online course that is currently deployed in the hospital, including the assessment simulation.



Author's Biography

Pablo Moreno Ger

Pablo Moreno is an Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering Software and Artificial Engineering at the Complutense University of Madrid. His research activities focus mainly on the educational use of video games and on simulations with game elements. He has published over 60 articles and conference contributions. Pablo Moreno developed the original design e-Adventure as a part of his doctoral thesis. E-adventure is a tool for creating low-cost educational video games integrated into e-Learning environments. In recent years, e-Adventure has grown as a product, accumulating more than 25,000 downloads since its publication in 2009.

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