How to Combine Informal Learning with Regular Programmes




Daniel Burgos (UNIR)


There is a huge amount of information on the Internet and mass media, with a high potential to be used in regular plans in a significant way. There are a number of resources like, i.e. social networks, mobile communication, ip TV, content providers, interactive online multi-player games, enriched eBooks, and so on. Any student can retrieve a non-ending pool of information. However, regular academic programmes usually dismiss all this shocking, social contribution, and they remain stuck with static and usually non up-to-date content.

This content does not have to be necessarily involved with the aforementioned channels and media. In this workshop, we will approach this mismatch between informal learning, web 2.0 and regular plans, so that those can be engaged with formal education.



Author's Biography

Daniel Burgos

Prof. Dr. Daniel Burgos is Vice-chancellor of Research & Technology and Director of Engineering at International University of La Rioja (UNIR). He is Full Professor of Educational and Communication Technologies, Director of the ATOS Chair of Technological Innovation, and of the Ms Sc in eLearning and Social Networks. He is executive board member of TELspain and TELEARC (Spanish and European association of Technology-Enhanced Learning).

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