Corporate e-Learning Infrastructure: The Issue from the UOC Perspective




Françesc Noguera Puig (UOC)


The purpose of this presentation is to explain and contrast the initial set of principles, or set of axioms, which were defined at the time of the creation of the UOC, which affected, both then and now, the strategy and policy design and deployment of the ICT infrastructure at our University. A discussion of these initial principles will prove useful and productive, since they governed and guided the entire technical effort, investment and the very style of the infrastructure; the discussion will be conducted from the premise that there are different formulas to achieve the same objective and that, furthermore, it is desirable and convenient for each institution to design its own.



It will also be pointed out that the principles must be reviewed periodically to keep them updated and consistent with an evolving reality, especially in the field of eLearning and in the field of technology. Finally, with the sole purpose of explaining how the above-mentioned principles have been translated into practice, we can also summarize, very briefly, the current ICT infrastructure of the University.



Author's Biography

Françesc Noguera Puig

- Experience: Experience in large and medium companies of services and industrial sector and in the academic field as well. He has developed his activity in local, national and international levels, particularly in Europe, USA and South America, always in the area of ICT.
- Functions: He has evolved from technical to management positions, he has developed of his computer services business and he is associate to management in the computer area as well.
- Projects: Management of software development projects, opportunity studies, benchmarking, creation and management of professional teams and design and development of an eLearning platform, among others.
- Activities:
1994-2012: Open University of Catalonia, Associate Vice-Chancellor of Technology
1991-1994: University of Barcelona, Information Systems Manager.
1981-1991: Deinfor, sa, Creator and manager of this computer services company
1979-1980: Gsi / Seresco, Management of a telematics project at European level.
1977-1978: Tycsa, Technical Manager of the Data Processing department.
1974-1976: Consulting Engineers, Inc., Computer Consultant.
1963-1973: Seresco, s.a, Programmer, Systems Technician and Head of Programming.

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