Learning Analytics: A Practical View with Educational Videogames




Ángel Serrano Laguna (UCM)


The Horizon Report designates Learning Analytics as one of the educational-related emerging technologies, with two or three years time-to-adoption. This discipline proposes to collect and analyze all the data derived from students interaction with online educational resources (e.g., their activity in LMS), and use the conclusions inferred from the analysis to take real-word decisions, for example, to assess students. In this conference, Ángel Serrano will present the theory behind Learning Analytics (steps in the general process, state of the art, related problems...), and some study cases, developed by the research group e-UCM, using educational videogames.




Author's Biography

Ángel Serrano Laguna

Software Engineer by the UCM, and researcher in the e-UCM e-learning group since 2009. His current research focus in e-Learning technologies, and their main interests are educational video games, with the e-Adventure project, and the assessment of these games through Learning Analytics.

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