How to Set Up a Free Software Office and Not to Die Trying




Juan Julián Merelo (UGR)


A free software office is nothing more than a user and aficionados community that, for some weird twist of fate, ends up within a University. As such, it's got the same problems as any other user group, but with the added trouble of its geographical, laboral and societal framework, which are, in all cases, terribly wide. In this talk we will try what is what we have done at the University of Granada to organize and in some cases spawn this community, what initiatives have had any success, which hurdles have been tackled and how we have overcome them across the four years of existence.



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Author's Biography

Juan Julián Merelo

JJ Merelo is professor attached to the Computer Architecture department of the University of Granada. He leads the Free Software Office at the University of Granada since its inception in 2008. Before, during and possibly after that, he's been a Perl and emacs user and authored CPAN modules (some of them as useful as Don::Mendo). He's also the author of the only novel that is distributed as part of a Perl Library.

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