How to Make a MOOC within a Nutshell




Monika König (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences)


MOOC is the buzzword if it comes to educational settings these days. This raising the question if lecturers and scientists just need to wait till hype is over. Or if there are ways to benefit from by integrating the idea into own lecturing and teaching.

In this talk there will be exposed::

- Some examples of MOOCS having taken place in the past are presented and categorized

- 10 steps to go to make your perfect MOOC are suggested.



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Author's Biography

Monika König

Monika E. König is working at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) there being responsible for e-Learning and social learning. On top of that she is distance teaching courses in Social Media Management for ILS, a huge company providing advanced training.

Thus as Social Media and Learning is her passion, she from 16 January to 22 February 2013 facilitated the #mmc13, a MOOC dealing with how to make a MOOC.

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