Development of Educational Simulations for the Spanish National Transplant Organization




Blanca Borro Escribano (Banco de España/UCM)


The e-UCM team of the University Complutense of Madrid has developed three educational simulations representing the process of deceased donation of the Spanish National Transplant Organization (ONT). Based on real teaching cases, these simulations use game elements to engage players and improve the learning results. The development of these simulations has two main objectives: support the ONT instructional approach and make known how the ONT works in a more systematic way.

For the development of these simulations, we have used an iterative methodology that aims to obtain a more detailed representation of the medical procedures by using simulations. This methodology has four stages: Specification, Game Design, Simulation Development and Quality Assurance.

Finally, once the simulations were finished, we have performed an expert validation process to assure the knowledge adquisition was correct in both the medical and educational point of view.



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Author's Biography

Blanca Borro Escribano (Banco de España/UCM)

Blanca Borro works as a computer engineer at the Bank of Spain since 2011, previously she worked for 6 years in the Spanish National Transplant Organization. Currently she’s completing her Phd in the Complutense University in Madrid, where she has already obtained the degree in Computer Science in 2004 and the masters in Computer Research in 2010. She’s part of the e-learning reseach group of the Complutense University of Madrid (

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