Collaborative learning experiences via multiuser educational videogames




Julian Martin (oneclick)


Collaborative learning may also be included on educational videogames. This topic will be focused in the session from a theoretical point of view, but also via praxis, showcasing some real success stories in Spain developed by Oneclick. It is not only about technology but also, and especially, about the conceptual approach.


Not available yet.


Not available yet.

Author's Biography

Julián Martín is the Marketing & PR Manager in Oneclick Diseño y Software and because of that he not only covers all the company expertise but also has a deep knowledge of every public educational institution in Spain, since he is in permanent contact with main actors all over the country and also abroad.Later on, he was the Editorial Manager for an international start-up whose target was a social network Internet site for university students all over Europe. Nowadays it is only available for the French community ( Martin has been involved in the educational digital contents sector from 1998, when he was a member of the founder team of Fundación Telefonica’s Educared Program ( This is a pioneer project in Spain and Latin America to provide contents to the educational community and nowadays it is a clear leader in this area as an independent portal.

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