Dr. Scratch, automatic analysis of Scratch projects to assess the development of Computational Thinking and improve coding skills




Jesús Moreno León


Dr. Scratch is a web-based tool to automatically assess the development of Computational Thinking (CT) of Scratch projects. The various aspects that Dr. Scratch takes into consideration to compute a CT score for a Scratch project will be introduced, and the errors and bad programming habits that are analyzed by the tool in order to provide feedback so students can improve their coding skills will be presented. Finally, some of the new features the development team is working on will be discussed. Dr. Scratch has received a 2015 Google RISE Award.



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Author's Biography

Jesús Moreno León (URJC)

After more than a decade as a CS teacher, Jesús is focused on research in Computational Thinking (CT). Thus, he runs Programamos (We Code), a non-profit organization which promotes the development of CT from early ages, works on his PhD thesis on CT at URJC, works as a research assistant at UC3M and collaborates with the European Commission as a Spanish ambassador for EU Code Week.

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