Learning with MOOCs on campus, the Louvain moocXperience dual approach targets both students’ learning and faculty members’ development




Ella Hamonic


Since 2013, when UCLouvain begins the MOOC adventure partnering with edX, improving education on campus has been one major point of attention. How do MOOCs impact the way we teach and the way we learn? To what extent those new possibilities to mediate and share knowledge can enrich on campus learning experiences? Consequently, shall we considerate MOOCs as an opportunity for faculty members to develop better teaching skills, experimenting with building collaboratively innovative learning scenarios? By integrating MOOCs into the classroom, thinking differently about how you have been teaching your course becomes a necessity if not an evidence. How to design effective, meaningful and creative interactions between teachers and learners that will support better learning? Recalling not only to active learning and inquiry methods but also to design thinking methodology has been inspiring for the Louvain moocXperience team who supports faculty members in this re-redesign process. This is from the experience of 6 MOOCs that have been held simultaneously on edX and on campus that we propose to discuss.



Seminario eMadrid "MOOCs on Campus". El enfoque dual de la moocXperience de Louvain para el aprendizaje de los estudiantes y el from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

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Ella Hamonic

Ella Hamonic graduated from the Institute of Political Studies of Lille, France with a Master’s degree in Art Management. She worked as a performing arts journalist and she collaborated as a production manager and filmmaker assistant in both dance and new media projects. She worked in Paris, Brussels and Buenos Aires with organizations such as the Institut français and the Fresnoy - National Studio for Contemporary Arts. Her background and strong work ethic provides her with the experience to participate and manage projects empowering people to be engaged with art and knowledge through new digital experiences. She developed a strong interest for online education and joined the Louvain moocXperience team, in a first place as a teaching assistant for the MOOC Louv3x “Discovering political Science” and further as a MOOC project manager.

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