Flipping with ClipIt




Estefanía Martín


ClipIt is an educational social network, developed by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, where students are the protagonists. This paper will present the possibilities of this platform as an educational tool for using it in a flipped classroom. Three examples of educational experiences will be presented in which flipped classroom is applied in combination with video-based learning and peer review.



Seminario eMadrid "Flipped Classroom". Flipeando con ClipIt. Estefanía Martín, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

Author's biography

Estefanía Martín

Estefanía Martín is a professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Her research interests focus on user modeling, recommender systems, learning via electronic media, mobile and multi-contact surfaces. She has worked in several research projects related to learning environments since 2002. She is currently a co-investigator leading the European project Juxtalearn (FP7 - Project number: 317964), the researcher responsible for the ClipIt tool and research within the DEDOS project , e-Integra (TIN2013-44586-R) project and Dr.Scratch project, awarded with a Google Rise Awards in 2014. You can find more details about the professional and researcher profile in her LinkedIn profile.

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