Games Science in a hybrid Learning Space




Sylvester Arnab


The talk will explore the potential, implication and impact of game-based approaches and interventions in response to the opportunities, requirements and challenges motivated by the blurring of the boundaries between digital and physical as well as formal and informal spaces and contexts. The talk will include perspectives on pervasive and gamified learning based on past, live and upcoming projects at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, UK ( including a recently awarded H2020 funded BEACONING project. BEACONING investigates the application and impact of pervasive, context-aware and gamified learning towards facilitating “anytime anywhere” learning. Perspectives and lessons learnt in the field are key to informing strategies in integrating knowledge, tools and services towards facilitating a pervasive and ubiquitous learning using gaming and context aware technologies.



Seminario eMadrid "Serious Games". Ciencia de Juegos en un espacio de aprendizaje híbrido. Sylvester Arnab, Coventry Universit from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

Author's biography

Sylvester Arnab

Dr. Sylvester Arnab is a Senior Research Fellow, co-leading research at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab UK ( He was previously a senior researcher at the Serious Games Institute, UK. To date Sylvester has over 60 academic publications, including one edited book- Serious Games for Healthcare. His research focus is in the application, implication and impact of Games Science in various domains, with a key interest in teaching and learning. Sylvester has been involved in various projects that are focusing on Serious Games and Gamification. He is currently working on the Erasmus+ Gamification for the Hard-to-Reach project, the development of pervasive gaming for language learning (ImparAPP) and the pilot of a gamification platform in higher education. He previously coordinated the R&D work package within the EU-Funded Games and Learning Alliance (GALA, He project managed the development of a game for Relationships and Sex Education (PR:EPARe), which won an Outstanding Contribution to Health Psychology award in 2013. He was also named as a co-investigator on the EU FP7 Funded PEGASO and MAGELLAN projects. He has recently been awarded a H2020 grant as a coordinator of 15 partners under the ICT-20-2015 Innovation Action call and as a partner under the ICT-10_2015 Research an Innovation call, which will further extend the research and innovation within the Games Science Domain.

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