Radical learning by doing in online training for the effective learning of skills




Lluís Vicent


Active learning is increasingly on the lips of most people. The projects have been part of the agenda of many subjects. At La Salle we wanted to apply this in a more radical way in which the student is directly a worker of the the area they are studying. That is, there is no subject, but the work, and therefore, tasks, colleagues and just the same things they would find in real life. Students are not tested. No programme. Students only develop skills and competencies that will be used in real life, and this is what the teacher evaluates. Five years with this methodology lead us to a state of maturity with interesting conclusions.


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Seminario eMadrid "Competencias transversales a través de eLearning". Radical learning by doing. from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

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Lluís Vicent

Lluís Vicent i Safont (Castelló, 1974) has a PhD in Information Technology and Management from the Universitat Ramon Llull Master in e-learning, Telecommunication Engineer, Electronic Engineer and Technical Engineer in Image and Sound. At La Salle Campus Barcelona (Universitat Ramon Llull), he has taught since 1996 Math, Electromagnetics, Digital Processing, Educational Innovation and Educational Research. He is the author of several textbooks and promoter and editor of the "open library", a collection of 27 online, copyleft text books for students. He has researched electromagnetism, digital medical image processing, but above all, and since 2003, in e-learning. He has participated in 53 public and private projects, being the principal investigator in 37 of them. He published his results in 60 communications in international journals and conferences and in three books, being editor and member of editorial board of scientific journals (some indexed) and a regular conference organizer. Since 2003 he is Director of Blended Studies at Barcelona La Salle Campus and Director of the Research Group on Technology Enhanced Learning. He is a member of several scientific societies such as IEEE, ADIE, CESEI and Engineering program evaluator for American accreditation agency ABET. Since 2008 he is focused on the gestation of the Open University La Salle until its inauguration in 2012. He is currently the Chancellor of the Open University La Salle and European Regional Director of the International Association of Lasallian Universities, an association of the 75 Lasallian universities around the world. In 2014 their accumulated academic achievements led to his admission, despite his youth, at the Royal Academy of Doctors, as Corresponding for Andorra.

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