Methods, resources and technologies to diagnose and develop transversal skills in college




Daniel López Fernández


The development of generic skills such as emotional regulation, self-motivation, communication and conflict resolution is crucial for students and workers from different sectors to improve their academic and professional performance. Through various learning resources to be presented in this paper, these skills can be trained. In addition, aiming that this trainig is properly oriented, a set of technologies that allow to analyze the skills whose development is most needed will be presented.



Seminario eMadrid "Competencias transversales a través de eLearning". Métodos, recursos y tecnologías para desarrollar comp from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

Author's bio

Daniel López Fernández

Daniel López Fernández. PhD by the UPM, has investigated how the development of generic skills influences the performance of students and engineering professionals. Daniel has a technical background, being a Computer Systems Engineeri, Software Engineering Graduate and Research Master in Software and Systems from UPM, and a sociological profile, being also Master in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence in the UCJC. Since 2005 he has gained experience as a trainer, software engineer, project manager and technical consultant and researcher for various universities. In recent years he has implemented online training platforms for the development of generic skills at UPM and UCLM.

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