MOOC or SPOC, fears, uncertainties and doubts... evolution




Javier Viñales Gutiérrez


The movement of Massive, Open, Online Courses (MOOCs) within universities, as well as the emergence of non massive and private online courses (SPOCs), has revealed a number of strengths, weaknesses and mistakes. Are these valid models? Are they just fashion? When any change in paradigm or development of technologies occurs, there are always mistakes, rejection and we must be thoughtful, but in any case evolution is needed. Difundi intends that every organization participates in this development with the help of a team of experts, with a very easy-to-use technology solution and data.



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Javier Viñuales Gutiérrez

Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Sevilla, Javier began his career as a researcher at the Department of Systems and Automatic and then began to undertake business projects. He has participated in the design of large solutions for public and private sector, both in Europe and USA, from almost two decades ago based on open standards and free software-based implementations. Co-founder of several companies in the sector as Difundi, Yaco or TangramBPM, he has participated in the creation of several organizations for the promotion of innovation and collaborative networks. Since the end of 2011, when he met Khan Academy and participated in the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course from University of Stanford, the first successful MOOC, he became interested in online learning, their pedagogic and technology fundamentals and the revolution that was being produced by the MOOC phenomenon. In August 2012 he began the development of OpenMOOC with UNED, which was the first open source MOOC project. After a visit to Palo Alto he founded Difundi with partners in USA and Spain. At present, more than 220,000 users, 100 courses, in six languages ​​and distributed worldwide support the open source technological solution on which Difundi is built. He likes to package solutions as products, innovate, undertake, organize, meet people, collaborate and enjoy improvising on a well-constructed and studied harmony, not in vain, his other alter ego is a jazz musician, his true passion.

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