Science Bits: using ICT to facilitate the methodological change in science education




Héctor Ruiz Martín


In recent years, ICT has flooded the classrooms of schools worldwide. However, in most cases technology is being used to play the traditional educational model, without providing a truly differential value at pedagogical level. In other words, twenty-first century technology is being used to support an educational model of the nineteenth century. Today's society requires transformation of traditional educational models, which are based on the mere transmission of factual knowledge, into models centered on learning through inquiry, discovery, experimentation and reasoning; models that focus on the development of core competencies. The technology can be used to effectively promote this change, and projects such as Science Bits are good examples of this cahange in the area of science education.


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Author's biography

Héctor Ruiz Martín

Hector Ruiz was a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Biology at Universidad de Barcelona. Since 14 years ago, he is an entrepreneur in the world of communication and the teaching of science, and in the field of educational technology. Founder of several projects with broad impact in the field of educational digital content, he now works as an educational consultant for the International Science Teaching Foundation and Science Bits, the project for science education.

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