Remote Labs and the Industry 4.0 project




Reinhard Langmann


A key issue in the Industry 4.0 (I40) project is the linking of real or physical objects with information-processing or virtual objects via open, sometimes global and always interlinked information networks in the production area. Regarding Remote Labs there is a comparable situation: A Remote Lab has to use also global information networks (i.e. the Internet) in order to link real lab equipment with informationprocessing or learning objects. The speech will give first examples and demonstrations how we can use methods and applications from the Industry 4.0 world for education in engineering using Remote Labs, and will discuss suggestions and ideas for the future of I40 Remote Labs.




Seminario eMadrid sobre "Nuevas experiencias en laboratorios remotos". Laboratorios remotos y el proyecto Industria 4.0. from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

Author's biography

Reinhard Langmann

Dr.-Ing. Langmann is working since 1993 as a professor for Control Technology and Process Informatics in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering in the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf. Before his professorship he worked in several industrial companies as a leader for projects in manufacturing automation, robotics and man machine interfaces. At present Dr. Langmann is the director of the “Competence Center Automation Duesseldorf (CCAD)” and the head of the research& training factory Fab21. His research interests are Internet technology in automation, remote engineering and industrial communication. Dr. Langmann published more then 50 papers in special journals, about 65 presentations on national and international conferences and 6 text books as author and publisher in automation engineering. He is also the chairman of the German Association of Applied Automation Technology in Education and Development (VFAALE e.V.) and a board member of the German association New Automation e.V.

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