Gamification in "Escuela del Agua": current state and open lines.




Víctor González Naranjo


Escuela del Agua has always bet by the implantation of innovative methodologies, appropiated to the circumstances and the challenges of today, and with its long experience in elearning, has embarked from conception of programs 100% online in the gamification of their formative offers. In conceptualizing the Master in Technology and Water Management Online they already devised from a vision that included not only bring professional challenges to students, but also doing this master a dynamic, attractive and close to the student learning experience. Therefore, the need was already blunting of gamification. The currently gamification in school programs give focuses on the fundamental aspects of this technique: to provide identity, generate a sense of community, excellence and dynamism, applying storytellig in various elements, badges: medal system for implanted skills the platform.Lines gamificación underway: the study of pain points of the online courses where gamification can be a substantial improvement, an attribute of great value and implementation projects platforms scenarios where integrate participants in a Serious Game. And a level of development of simulators are being studied for creating these technical training or competence.


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Víctor González Naranjo

Chemical engineer by training, Master in Hydrology and Water Resources Management from the University of Alcalá and Rey Juan Carlos University and PhD from the University of Alcalá and Rey Juan Carlos University. Master teaching experience, leadership and mentoring projects and master's degree, grade placement tutor and court of projects undergraduate, graduate and master. Experience with e-learning. Development of online content for the Water School: authorships management; reviewing and editing text content, idealization, design, conceptualization and validation of audiovisual content for elearning courses; forming online teaching, online teaching and online docenes manager at Campus.

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