Learning analytics initiatives and policies in Estonia




Adolfo Ruiz Calleja


This presentation will describe current situation of Learning Analytics (LA) in Estonia. Estonia is a small and technically advanced country in which life-long learning initiatives are especially promoted. Hence, Estonian institutions are not only interested on assessing the learning processes that happen in the classroom, but also those that happen in other learning contexts and the transitions between different contexts. Several LA projects were recently initiated in Estonia in order to assess and further understand such learning processes. The presentation will describe some projects that are representative of the wide range of contexts where LA may be applied in Estonia, such as primary education, higher education or workplace learning. Even if most of these projects are still in a preliminary phase, the presentation will underline the envisioned challenges and the policies required to scale-up such projects to institutional or national level.



Author's biography

Adolfo Ruiz Calleja

Adolfo Ruiz Calleja received his MSc and PhD degrees in telecommunications engineering from the University of Valladolid, Spain, in 2007 and 2013 respectively. He is currently working as a researcher in the Center for Educational Technology at Tallinn University. His research interests include distributed systems, data management, learning analytics and their application in formal and informal learning.

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