Museogrades: The Immersive and Inclusive Virtual Museum. Learning and interpreting a Smart City




Miguel Gea


MuseoGrades is a project that brings Virtual Reality closer to people with intellectual disabilities with the purpose of promoting their creativity in 3D environments as well as to facilitate their socio-labor integration. This initiative is carried out within the framework of the eIntegra Research project: e-Training and e-Coaching for the socio-labor integration (reference TIN2013-44586-R of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain) in collaboration with the University of Granada , The Autonomous University of Madrid and the Asprogrades Association. The theme of the project will focus on a strategic and topical issue: Smart City, the intelligent and efficient city designed for citizenship. As a result, we propose the creation of a digital museum based on the reflection and interpretation of the SmartCity from the vision of a group of that citizenship: people with disabilities. This museum can also be integrated as a layer of contents in that future city proposal. Website of the evolution of the project:



Seminario eMadrid sobre "Tec. y Apps para Personas con Diversidad Funcional Cognitiva".Museogrades: El Museo Virtual Inmersivo e from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

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Miguel Gea

Miguel Gea (, @usalab) is a professor in the Department of Computer Systems Languages ​​of the University of Granada. His research lines focus on elearning, computer interaction person and virtual communities. He has been a founding member of the Spanish Association of Person Computer Interaction, AIPO ( He participates in several projects of work in Collaborative Systems and Environmental Intelligence next to the Autonomous University of Madrid (e-Training and e-Coaching for the socio-labor integration, TIN2013-44586-R). He has been Director of the Center for Virtual Teaching (2008-2015), where he has promoted the Digital Professionals project of the University of Granada (for the promotion of digital content production of the University) through collaboration with Sector (program During that period, it has promoted the methodology and creation of MOOC courses at the UGR in the open platform ( Currently in the development project of Museogrades, a virtual space that aims to facilitate people with cognitive disabilities the ability to learn 3D worlds as well as favor creativity in Virtual Reality environments. As a final result, there is an exhibition of works that can be visited in a network and immersively. This project (supported by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía) is part of the eIntegra project in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid and Asprogrades (Association for people with intellectual disabilities) in Granada. A diary is available to follow the evolution of the project (

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