A game to raise awareness and prevent cyberbullying in school




Antonio Calvo Morata


Historically bullying has been seen as a frequent, almost normal, and accepted experience in part of the life span of children and adolescents. Experience with which they had to deal themselves and it has not been until two decades ago when it has begun to see as a risk to the mental and physical health of these. The emergence of new technologies, the expansion of the internet and social networks, along with the young age that these young people start to use, has given rise to another form of bullying called cyberbullying. Phenomenon that makes vulnerable children also outside of school and even in their homes. Therefore, as an educational tool to prevent and combat cyberbullying, we are developing with video game with the objective of educating, through awareness, the adverse effects that cyberbullying can have on adolescents and putting them in the skin of a harassed person. It is about increasing empathy and avoiding situations of harassment or permissiveness in understanding how hard it is to be harassed. As a complement, through this video game, you can learn ways to reduce the risks of being a victim or aggressor.



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Antonio Calvo Morata

Antonio Calvo Morata, Graduated in Computer Engineering by the UCM, currently studying the Master in Computer Engineering. Researcher hired by the eLearning group eucm in the European project H2020 RAGE, where he is developing software to simplify the application of learning analytics to educational games.

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