Geolocated games: reinventing the way you play and learn




Pau Yanez


801/5000 The non-digital game in real life is an activity that is not new since people have played outdoors since the origin of humanity. In recent years, the democratization of the use of smartphones, the evolution of proximity technologies (GPS, BEACONS, NFC) and the emergence of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have facilitated the digitization of games in real life Creating a new genre: geolocated games or urban games. These genres of video games offer a new immersive way of interacting with the real world and other players mixing physical reality and virtual reality with creative and innovative game mechanics that create game dynamics that open endless possibilities for the entertainment world and education.



Seminario eMadrid sobre "Serious games": Juegos geolocalizados: reinventando la forma de jugar y aprender. Pau Yanez. from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

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Pau Yanez

Founder and CEO of Geomotion Games. Entrepreneur and game designer, Pau has worked in the video games and serious games industry for more than 10 years in different large consulting firms in Barcelona. Pau has a degree in Pedagogy from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and has completed his master's degree in ICT applied to Education at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. GeoM otion Games, founded in 2014 based in Barcelona, is a startup specialized in the creation of videogames, serious games and mobile gamification solutions using localization technologies and the Big Data.

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