«Micro-credentials in the European EBSI project»




Ángel Martín Bautista


After a brief introduction to micro-credentials and their context, Ángel Martín will present the European project European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, its objectives, development and current situation with special emphasis on the use case of "Diplomas". This project is becoming a de facto paradigm in the field of micro-credentials and in which 29 countries have been participating for two years, our country being one of the most relevant actors.


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Ángel Martín Bautista

Angel Martín Bautista works as an official of the TIC-A1 corps in the General Secretariat of Digital Administration. He is the Spanish representative in the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) in the political group and also in the technical group, as well as coordinating two interministerial working groups with activities around emerging technologies. Within the framework of the Digitalization Plan for Public Administrations 2021-2025, he directs Measure 5 "Intelligent Automation Service"; As well as he performs tasks in the evaluation and analysis of the digital transformation in Public Administration at the local, regional and central levels. He has worked 17 years in the private sector in areas such as business consulting, strategy, the energy sector, telecommunications, the automotive industry and in information and communication technologies.

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