«Small Interventions to Support Student Self-regulation Online »




Rene F. Kizilcec


Students who engage in self-regulated learning tend to achieve better outcomes in educational settings, especially in online or hybrid learning contexts that offer students more flexibility. It is therefore important to support student self-regulation in these contexts and ideally do so in a scalable manner. I will be presenting findings from a set of studies that investigated self-regulated learning in online courses and a variety of simple intervention activities to support self-regulation at scale.




Rene F. Kizilcec

Rene Kizilcec is an Assistant Professor of Information Science, graduate field member in Communication and Physics, and founding director of the Future of Learning Lab at Cornell University. Kizilcec’s research is on the use and impact of technology in formal and informal learning environments (college classes, online degree programs, mobile learning, professional development, MOOCs, and middle/high school classrooms, etc.) and scalable interventions to broaden participation and reduce achievement gaps. Kizilcec received a BA in Philosophy and Economics from University College London, and a MSc in Statistics and PhD in Communication from Stanford University.

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