«Human-Centred Design and Learning Analytics: where are we at and where should we go next?»




Roberto Martínez-Maldonado


Human-centred learning analytics is a term recently proposed to the subcommunity of LA researchers and practitioners interested in utilising the body of knowledge and practice from design subcommunities, such as Participatory Design (PD), User-Centred Design (UCD) and Co-Design, into data-intensive educational contexts. Work in this area is embryonic, with some researchers advocating rapid prototyping with teachers and interviewing students to understand their disciplinary perspectives on data. This talk will provide a high-level overview of the rapidly growing interest in Human-Centred Learning Analytics and thoughts about potential ways in which the R&D in this area can evolve in the next 10 years. 




Author's Biography

Roberto Martínez-Maldonado

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado is Senior Lecturer of Learning Analytics and Human-Computer Interaction in the Faculty of Information Technologies at Monash University, in Australia. Roberto’s current research is mainly in the area of Learning and Teamwork Analytics, in which he utilises his expertise in human-computer interaction, collaborative learning and artificial intelligence. In the past years, his main aim has been to develop methods for assessing and enhancing the performance of collocated teams by making key multimodal activity traces visible and available for computational analysis. Roberto’s innovations have included the design of analytics dashboards, warning systems and data storytelling tools to be used in regular classrooms and in healthcare. More recently, his research has pioneered the application of co-design methods at the intersection of education and data science.




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