«Enriching the context for learning analytics with lesson observation data»




Mart Laanpere


The first generation Learning Analytics tools and technics relied mainly on the “click data” that was collected from either mainstream online learning environments or social media platforms. This approach has suffered from limited insight into learning and teaching, especially due to the lack of the information about intentions of learners and teachers, as well as aspects of physical, social, psychological and pedagogical context. Our research in Tallinn University has resulted with an instrument called Observata that addresses above mentioned challenge by facilitating fast and reliable lesson observation data  in xAPI format, allowing quick merger of traditional LA datasets with human annotated lesson observation data that enriches the context for Learning Analytics. The tool was piloted in an experimental study that was aiming at testing a set of new interactive learning resources in 28 Estonian high schools. My presentation summarises the lessons learned and future plans for further development of Observata framework and instrument.  




Author's Biography

Mart Laanpere  

Mart Laanpere, PhD, senior researcher at Centre for Educational Technology. He has participated in a number of international R&D projects and chaired international conferences in the field of Technology-Enhanced Learning. His main focus in research is pedagogy-driven design of technology-enhanced learning systems and tools, modelling and assessment of digital competence, multimodal learning analytics, also authoring tools, metadata and repositories for digital learning resources.


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