«Augmented map of digital literacy as a conversational tool»




Yevgeny Patarakin


Implementation of new educational policies need the help of teachers as the change agents. Agency, locus-of-control or a “can-do” mindset is developed through the practice of making and modifying objects. Modern learning environments are putting hardware and software in the hands of children to conduct scientific explorations, create sophisticated worlds and games, participate in different types of digital collaborative fabrication and remixing. However, the experience of teachers in participating in collaborative making is extremely limited. This study investigated remixing of educational practices and ontologies in the formation of teacher’s agency. 




Author's Biography

Yevgeny Patarakin  

Leading researcher, Moscow City University. Degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Science. 

2018  - present - World Bank, Consultant in the project «Russia: Leading with 21st Century Skills: Partnerships for Transformative Action».

Patarakin has explored training in collaborative online environments, and he currently teaches courses on collaborative actions in the network, social services in pedagogical practice, building of professional network communities, multiagent models in science education. He also works on creating e-learning media in collaborative and interactive software including Moodle and MediaWiki. His experience has included coordinating the Summer School Network, teaching classes on Internet technology at elementary schools, and organizing the IMUTE, RAT-1, and RAT-two international projects between arts, sciences and education. 


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