«Smart Education: a review and future research directions»




A. Carruana Martín, C. Alario Hoyos, C. Delgado Kloos. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.b Koper


Research and development often move forward on the basis of buzzwords. New terms are coined to summarize new developments, often with several interpretations and without a formal definition. The term "Smart Education" has been coined to represent a move forward in technology-enhanced education. But what is behind it? Does it really represent something essentially different from the educational technologies used before? In this paper, we do a systematic literature review to understand how this term is used, what the technologies behind it are, and what promises are made. We conclude that although the term is fuzzy, there are indeed a number of developments available today that can make educational technologies much more adapted to the learner and therefore underpin the learning in a smarter way. 



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