Is there room for standards on learning technologies in our quickly changing digital world?




Paloma Díaz


We are surrounded by technologies that offer new and unique affordances for informal and formal learning, situated and experiential learning, training and simulation, collaboration or life-long learning. Learners and learning contexts are also changing as a consequence of the pervasiveness of technologies, a pervasiveness that shapes our behaviour, attitudes and expectations on what, how, where and why to learn. Learning technologies have torn down space and time barriers and are democratizing access to quality learning contents and activities all over the world. But these technologies are evolving at unprecedented rates to support more and more services and audiences. In this quickly evolving and global context, does it make any sense to talk about standards? Do standards constraint our creativity and need for personalized resources? Can we standardize learning technologies when we can’t even envision their evolution and the impact in our society? In this talk, I will try to highlight the role of standards to set a common ground of knowledge and expertise to answer these and other questions on the value and impact of learning technologies in the digital world.


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Author's Biography

Paloma Díaz Pérez  

Prof. Dr. Paloma Díaz is full professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. With a Degree and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, she has been involved in interdisciplinary research in the Interactive Systems research group (DEI LAB) that she leads since 1996, the Institute of Culture and Technology and the UC3M-BS Institute on Financial Big Data. Her main areas of interest are interaction design, web/usability engineering, mobile and ubiquitous computing, data visualization, civic participation, ICT for learning and teaching and digital cultural heritage. She is senior member of IEEE and ACM, director of the UC3M Master on Educational Innovation “Laboratory of the New Education"<pdpActual.png> and of the Digital Living Academic Unit at UC3M.


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