«EntreCompEdu: developing teachers' entrepreneurial skills»




Paloma Lozano 


The project EntreCompEdu encourages teachers to think about their skills and how to implement them, enhancing their strengths, to improve the quality (and inclusion) of the education system through the dissemination of entrepreneurial skills among students. The entrepreneurial skills that we want to promote among teachers are those included in the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp).  



Author's Biography

Paloma Lozano  

Co-founder and executive director at Innogate to Europe. Specialist in european programmes to support innovation, research and technological development, she has extensive knowledge and experience of european policies, strategies, regulations, programmes and projects. Since 2008, she has been working on the promotion, development, management and coordination of transnational collaborative projects (Horizon 2020, COSME, Erasmus+, 7th Framework Programme, CIP, Interreg, Life+, AAL, among others), as well as the provision of information, training, advisory and support in this field for clusters, companies, associations, foundations, universities and other public and private organizations. It participates in different networks and working groups at european level. It's the local check point for the Erasmus Programme for Young Entrepreneurs since 2014. Previously, she worked in different private sector companies as a technical and legal advisor, especially in the field of European Union regulations related to international trade, participating in the management of european projects.

Bachelor/Master in Law, specialising in Community Law, from the University of San Pablo-CEU, she did an internship at the European Commission and has a deep knowledge of the european institutions and their internal functions. 


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