«The use of EntreCom4ALL in the classroom»




Tomás Serrano


The EntreCom4ALL project aims to improve the accessibility of entrepreneurial education to young or female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teachers or trainers by developing an online platform that provides access to OERs relevant for entrepreneurship. This platform will increase the visibility of relevant OERs for these target groups. While anyone can use the platform, an essential tool within the platform, the skill-assessment framework (SAF), is designed especially for the target groups. The SAF, adapted from the EntreComp framework, enables a self-assessment of the EntreComp competences, providing an overview of strengths and weaknesses before consulting the platform's OERs. Users will be able to assess themselves according to the different competences of entrepreneurship that have been developed and tailored to the target groups.



Author's Biography

Tomás Serrano 

Tomás Serrano is an educational project manager at CECE. He has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He has been always involved in educational and social projects. In 2015 he founded an NGO in Brussels with the aim of promoting social connectors between belgian society and refugees, as a respond to the growing migration crisis. He presented at the Youth European Forum a number of activities focused on promoting social entrepreneurship. Before joining CECE, he worked in Spain offering financial advice to different universities and educational institutions. He is currently developing projects at CECE on social inclusion, entrepreneurship and educational innovation, mostly within a european framework. With experience in european projects such as ERASMUS+, Strategic Alliances and Sectoral Alliances, he is a strong advocate of education for values and the idea that the future of education depends on an increase of social and transversal skills.

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