«EntreCom4ALL goals. Adapting a framework of entrepreneurial skills for different objetive groups»




Edmundo Tovar Caro


The EntreCom4ALL project aims to improve the accessibility of entrepreneurial education to young or female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teachers or trainers by developing an online platform that provides access to OERs relevant for entrepreneurship. This platform will increase the visibility of relevant OERs for these target groups. While anyone can use the platform, an essential tool within the platform, the skill-assessment framework (SAF), is designed especially for the target groups. The SAF, adapted from the EntreComp framework, enables a self-assessment of the EntreComp competences, providing an overview of strengths and weaknesses before consulting the platform's OERs. Users will be able to assess themselves according to the different competences of entrepreneurship that have been developed and tailored to the target groups.


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Author's biography

Edmundo Tovar Caro


Edmundo Tovar s associate professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), PhD in Computer Science (1994) and graduated in Computer Science (1986) from the UPM. Elected member of the management team of the Open Education Consortium (2009-2013); executive director of the OCW Office of the UPM (2008-2012), and executive director of the Office of Open Education of the UPM (2013-2016).  An elected member of the IEEE Education Society Board of Governors (2005-2012), he is the current president (2019-2020) and president (2021-2022). He coordinates the group of Educational Innovation (GICAC) of the UPM, of Technologies applied to Open Education, is a member of the eMadrid network and coordinator of the project EntreCom4ALL 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038383. He is editor in chief of the area of Information Technology / Information Systems Editorial Board of the collection of open resources of MERLOT. 


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